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David has been working in the entertainment industry in one form or another for over 20 years. As one of the original founding members and President of the independent film company Feenix Films, David began his foray into the industry as a director, writer, and producer adding to his experience as an actor.

After a brief experience in producing an off-Broadway show with Janine Laino and Nikki Ghisel, David formed Feenix Films with Nick DeMatteo as Vice-President, Janine Laino as Treasurer, and Melissa House as second Vice President.

David enjoyed receiving a Gold Remi at 2016's Worldfest Houston in the Crime/Drama category for "Clandestine". He also received a nomination for Best Supporting Actor for "Clandestine" at Worldfest. "The Basement" (2012), a short David directed, received a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Leslie Coplin at SoCal Film Fest. "Dealer" (2012), a film David was a Producer and actor on, received an Audience Favorite Win at the FlipsideTV Film Festival. David has also been nominated for Best Screenplay for his first full length script "Nicky Newark" (2011) as well as receiving an honorable mention as Director for the film (the film being his first full length directorial debut) at LA Reel film Fest.

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