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Ebony Vines is a writer, director, producer and the co-host of BPN podcasts Theatre Geeks Anonymous and Outrageous Fortune. Ebony’s love of theatre was passed down from her late Mother who loved to watch musical movies with her daughter while grading her students’ homework. Ebony and Jessica Moss met in the Commercial Theater Institute in 2020 and bonded over writing and self-producing their work. After Ebony’s first viewing of the television show Slings and Arrows on AcornTV they created Outrageous Fortune: The “Kind of Official” Slings & Arrows podcast.

Ebony is a founding member of the Think Tank for Theatrical Innovation which is a “collaborative community of theater professionals who provide innovative strategies to promote inclusion, equity, diversity, and access in the creation and business of theater. She is also on the Board of Directors for Colt Coeur Theater Company and is currently working on producing, directing and writing projects for the stage and screen.

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