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This Aussie is the jack of all trades! Josh is your true blue theatre all-rounder. Over the last 6 years, he has built quite the resume, working as a sound and lighting tech and also gaining some experience in design and video production he quickly fell in love with the art form and everything it had to offer. From here he ventured in makeup & stage management, gaining vital industry experience. He studied all forms of dance, ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, contemporary and burlesque and after travelling to New York for the first time, he got the performing bug.

Upon returning home the amateur ensemble credits began to come, Les Miserables (2017), We Will Rock You (2018), Dogfight (2019). He landed his first principal role in the amateur production of Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (2019) and then for personal reasons stopped performing. During this hiatus from the stage, he discovered SIX: The Musical and that is where the fun begins. Josh had worked in the marketing team for a local theatre company and wanted to expand his skills so he created an Instagram account (@ausqueendom) and began connecting and building his brand in The Queendom.

Josh quickly grew the account and learnt the show inside out, from seeing the show to reading and watching interviews this show quickly took over his life. Then returning to New York in 2020 for BroadwayCon, he met the writers and producers of the show and the idea of The Queendom Podcast was born. The first episode was recorded hastily on a phone in a hotel room overlooking the Al Hirschfeld and the rest is history. The passion for audio and video production was reignited, and Josh was able to use all the industry experience he had gained to really deconstruct SIX in an engaging and fun way for the fans!

Josh’s goal is to move to London or New York and work in marketing, digital design or production!

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