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Abridgd... Too Far!

Abridgd... Too Far!

The podcast for people who love stories...but can't be bothered to read.

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Fast, furious, funny and frequently infuriating to the aficionado, we present the literature’s most renowned and best-loved books in just 1,337 seconds.

Leaving a hell of a lot out, making stark narrative choices, chucking in a fair amount of jokes and using audio to its maximum potential, this is a breakneck comic canter through the classics.

So...like an Afternoon Play running to catch a train, the classics will be boiled down, stripped back and sped up for the enjoyment of those listeners who may know the book but will enjoy a speedy re- acquaintance with it – or (far more likely) it will be for those of us who don’t know it because we’ve never had time in our busy lives to sit down and read it but sort of feel we should.

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