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The Leading Lady Fitness Podcast

The Leading Lady Fitness Podcast

Self-care, fitness and healthy eating is a journey.

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Self-care, fitness, and healthy eating are a journey. For Steph Wilberding, owner of Leading Lady Fitness in New York City, the path hasn’t always been easy. In her new podcast, Steph and her guests from the entertainment and fitness community dig deep into their own relationships with food, fitness, and body image. Much like the non-judgmental gym environment that Steph has created, the LLF podcast provides a safe space to discuss the journey of self, as it pertains to self-care and holistic wellness. www.leadingladyfit.com

Produced by Steph Wilberding and Katie Rosin.

Learn more about Steph & Leading Lady Fitness: www.leadingladyfit.com and @leading_lady_fitness.

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