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The Take On

The Take On

Come together and join The Take On, where we take on LIFE! Amir, a self proclaimed “human unicorn”, wants to inspire you to lean into the person you are meant to be and help you find your inner best self.

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Amir Yassai is a queer Muslim unicorn who won’t shy away from any conversation. I live on Bravo TV and Real Housewives are my Xanax. I’ll talk dismantling racism, homophobia & transphobia while still making you laugh. Comedy is at the center of everything I do. Chatting with Amir will be like chatting with an old friend with a lot more sass. If you love to talk Bravo & drag queens while laughing and also like to talk mental health, then this is the podcast for you. Newsflash I’m A LOT.


Instagram: @amiryassofficial

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