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#46 - L Morgan Lee: The Perception of the Multi-Hyphenate

Happy Pride! “The type of multi-hyphenate I am is I need to really clearly be able to compartmentalize what version of myself is being put into what thing... Read More

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Happy Pride!

“The type of multi-hyphenate I am is I need to really clearly be able to compartmentalize what version of myself is being put into what thing. In terms of photography, if I have not been doing freeform things - I feel like I’m being worked to the bone.”

L Morgan Lee (A Strange Loop) is an artist who sees herself through her photography. And if anyone wants to know anything about her, all you have to do is look at one of her images. As we celebrate Pride month in 2021, this episode is an enjoyable and honest slice of life for two LGBTQIA+ multi-hyphenates in the theatre industry, both of who happen to be photographers.

L Morgan’s first priority is being an actress. She keeps in mind that perception is so much a part of the business, so it’s in her best interest to be as specific as possible in terms of being an actress. “The group of ladies that I would love to be with in terms of acting,'' she says, “You can’t just go on a website and book them for headshots.”

Being a multi-hyphenate also welcomes different communities. “I think community is number-one a life line to me,” she says. “I need to have people that I feel close to. I have a community of trans women who are over fifty. There’s two or three girls who have taught me so much without even knowing they are teaching me.”

And of course, there’s some photographer dishing - so are you ready for the tea to be spilled? Between L and Michael, the stories from behind the lens are endless. For one, they view the headshot as a survival job, while the other views the headshot as a way to express themselves. So, if each photographer has their own view of the art form - is there contention? Is there jealousy? Is it territorial? What are the boundaries we enforce to protect our heart?

Plus, if you’re a business owner, like a photographer, L Morgan and Michael go deep into the practices of owning a business and finding the sweet spot of how to stay accessible, but also charging rates where the business owner can survive.

Enjoy this episode as Michael and L Morgan dive into knowing one’s worth, money management, trans identity, joining the circles of our inspirations, a photographer’s boundaries, and what it means to take charge of how the industry perceives an artist.

L MORGAN LEE (she/her) is an Obie award-winning actress, theatre maker, and photographer. She is most known for her performance in the Pulitzer Prize winning musical, A Strange Loop which garnered her a Lucille Lortel nomination and the distinction of being the first openly transgender actress to originate a role in a Pulitzer Prize winning piece of theatre. Most recently, L Morgan was cast to portray artist Lili Elbe in a British musical adaptation of the novel, The Danish Girl being workshopped in the UK. She is also developing a new play entitled, The Women (2021) which was seen in Ars Nova's 2021 Vision Residency. Other credits include new works with Long Wharf Theater, Baltimore Center Stage, 5th Avenue Theater, Musical Theatre Factory and more. L Morgan is dedicated to being a part of work centering underrepresented voices on both stage and screen. "She needed a hero, so that's what she became." For more: lmorganlee.com

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