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Cody Renard Richard, a name synonymous with theatrical magic, isn't just a stage manager; he's a choreographer of stories, a maestro of the unseen. Born in 1988, his Texas roots nurtured a soul that hummed to the rhythm of performance. Rodeo rings gave way to theater curtains, where his passion found its true stage.

From Webster University's hallowed halls to the dizzying heights of Cirque du Soleil, Richard's career has been a dazzling kaleidoscope of genres. He's woven his magic into iconic Broadway productions like Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, and A Strange Loop, his keen eye and meticulousness ensuring every moment unfolds with breathtaking precision.

But Richard's talent doesn't just live in shadows. He's stepped into the spotlight as a producer, bringing Lempicka to life and helming Freestyle Love Supreme, proving his ability to not only orchestrate but also create. Through the Cody Renard Richard Scholarship, he inspires the next generation of BIPOC artists, ensuring diverse voices continue to grace the stage.

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