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And the Award Goes To... Hosted by Ilana Levine

And the Award Goes To... Hosted by Ilana Levine

Candid interviews with Broadway’s most celebrated Broadway Award winners describing the moment they heard their name announced , their acceptance speech and everything that follows.

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Have you ever dreamed of winning a Tony Award? Did you ever practice your Tony acceptance speech in the bathroom mirror? Did you grow up watching the Tony Awards every year ? Do you have a collection of Tony Award shows on VHS tape that you refuse to throw out?This is the podcast for you. Every week actress and podcast host Ilana Levine interviews your favorite Tony Award winners and together they go down memory lane as guests share intimate and never before shared details about their Tony experience.You will hear their reactions as they listen to their Tony speech again and feel like you are reliving the experience with them. Tears are shed- laughs are shared and it is a rare glimpse into what it really is to sit in Radio City and hear your name called and all the emotion and relief that comes with that rare moment where fantasy and reality come together and the thing you have wished for your whole life has just come true and suddenly you have to walk down an aisle and step up on that stage and try to put into words how much this award means to you.Welcome to “AND THE AWARD GOES TO…”By the end of each episode listeners will feel like THEY have just won a Tony!Theme song lyrics and music by Georgia Fumusa. Musical orchestration by Alexander Sage Oyen.Part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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