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Jeremy O. Harris is an American playwright, screenwriter, and producer who has made a significant impact on the Broadway stage with his thought-provoking and boundary-pushing works. His meteoric rise to prominence began with his 2018 play, Slave Play, a provocative exploration of race, sexuality, and power dynamics in contemporary society. The play garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including a Tony Award nomination for Best Play, catapulting Harris into the limelight.

Harris's distinctive brand of social commentary through theatrical storytelling has continued to captivate audiences. His 2021 play, Daddy, delves into the complexities of father-son relationships and the intricacies of Black masculinity, while his 2022 play, BLACK EXHIBITION, offers a poignant reflection on race, identity, and the Black experience in America.

Beyond the stage, Harris has also made notable contributions to the film industry. He co-wrote the screenplay for the 2021 film Zola, a captivating adaptation of the infamous Twitter thread about a stripper's wild road trip. His work on the film earned him a nomination for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Screenplay, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and talented storyteller.

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